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Now, as a creative director, your primary task is to focus on creative work. But, if you want to make a living off it, you need to sell your services and that means, you need to function like a business. So, for a business to succeed, there are a few key elements that you need Read more

If you’ve been keeping track of voiceover news, you probably know about the SAG-AFTRA strikes against the gaming industry for payment of residuals to voiceover actors. Well, guess what? The strike, which lasted around a year, has finally come to an end and the best part is, the striking voiceover artists had their demands met Read more

Communicating the same thing in two different languages may not have the same impact. So, businesses need to determine which language is best.

Ever wondered why some of the characters that you have grown to adore so much over the years became instant hits among the audience and are today regarded as legendary examples of true cinematic genius! While a lot of it can be credited to the gripping screenplays and remarkably immersive graphics, the one singular aspect Read more

This app could be exactly what you need to get that perfect sound without that huge cost for the right equipment. This could change the voiceover industry!

The voiceover industry is made up of several thousand people and yet, we really don’t have a proper set of statistics on how big this industry is on a global scale. Most of the reports that are available to us right now fail to factor in the various segments that make up the market. For Read more

Booking work is important. You need to make sure you have the a robust show reel when applying to jobs to get more voiceover work.

As humans, there are times when we are put in situations where determining whether or not something is going to be good can be quite challenging. That’s why we invented processes to help us make informed decisions. For instance, marketers have their focus groups and market testing. For creative directors and producers who are on Read more

As a creative director/producer, you’ve obviously worked with a range of talents and also, all kinds of clients. However, despite all the expertise, there are a few creative directors/producers who seem to have a hard time figuring out their clients. If you happen to be one such creative director/producer, maybe these tips could come in Read more

As a creative director, you’re obviously going to prioritize someone who can sound more natural than someone who sounds like “they’re not from around here”. It’s quite understandable considering that natural sounding talent is what offers the impact you’re looking for. However, in a world that’s increasingly becoming diverse, sticking to that natural sound may Read more

If you’re a creative director, there are a range of stereotypes that you have to deal with. One of the most common ones involves your ability or rather, the lack of it, to be organized. Well, as they say, stereotypes exist for a reason and the idea of creative people being disorganized isn’t completely wrong Read more

Voiceover isn’t just limited to entertainment or advertising. The field of marketing has transitioned and that has brought on plenty of competition.

A lot of us might not realize this, but, the voiceover industry is a billion-dollar industry. Estimates suggest that the industry brings in about $4 billion every year. The reason for its “vastness” is that voiceover isn’t just limited to entertainment or advertising. Ever since technology achieved “juggernaut” status in terms of its evolution, it Read more

It seems that being a creative director in a competitive industry demands a constant flow of creativity, artistry and innovation to keep your work going. While it’s only natural to have an artistic block some days, the question is how do you bounce back from it? How do you remain “creative” and stay inspired most Read more