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Know About The Greatest Voice-Over Talents Ever!

Communicating the same thing in two different languages may not have the same impact. So, businesses need to determine which language is best.

Ever wondered why some of the characters that you have grown to adore so much over the years became instant hits among the audience and are today regarded as legendary examples of true cinematic genius! While a lot of it can be credited to the gripping screenplays and remarkably immersive graphics, the one singular aspect that essentially breathes life into our favorite animations and makes them so extraordinarily believable are the brilliant Voice-Overs.

The history of Voice-Over in the Hollywood dates back several decades ago and the industry has given us some of the most exceptionally talented artists over the years. Here is all you need to know about some of the masters of the craft that have managed to gain monumental success by lending their breathtaking voices to our all-time favorites such as the Bugs Bunny, The Flintstones, The Simpsons, the Lion King and more!

Mel Blanc

Known for his Voice-Over contribution to some of the most iconic characters such as the Bugs Bunny, the Flintstones, Tweety Bird, Road Runner, Tom & Jerry and countless more, Mel Blanc was an American voice actor, recording artist and radio comedian. With a prolific career spanning over six decades, Blanc was often lovingly referred to as The Man of a Thousand Voices!

James Earl Jones

Often referred to as one of the greatest actors in American history, James Earl Jones made his Broadway debut back in 1957 and went on to give some highly memorable Voice-Overs in movies like The Lion King, Star War- Return of the Jedi, Dr. Strangelove and How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb. Jones has also won a plethora of awards including the Golden globe, the Emmy and the Academy Award for his power packed performances.

Dan Castellanata

Born in Chicago, Illinois as Daniel Louis Castellanata, Dan is world renowned for his amazing Voice-Overs in numerous blockbusters such as The Simpsons Movie and the television series the Simpsons. The fact that he has provided his voice for multiple characters of the same show is a testimony to his extraordinary Voice-Over talent.

June Foray

Originally named June Lucille Forer, June Foray is an actress of American descent famous for her brilliant Voice-Overs for countless characters including Witch Hazel, Granny, Cindy Lou Who, Lucifer in Cinderella, Rocky the Flying Squirrel, Jokey Smurf, Natasha Fatale, Magica De Spell, Nell Fenwick and many more!


Roberta is a Professional AND award Winning International Voiceover Actor, as well as an accomplished on-camera actress and spokesperson. She lives in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area and is the owner of Roberta Kennedy Voice Talent and RK Productions, Inc.

She voices for companies around the world using her state of the art, broadcast quality studio. She’s hired for commercials, web demos and explainer videos, product infomercials, documentaries, promo/imaging, political ads, e-learning videos, podcasts, guided real estate tours, telephony/IVR projects, high profile corporate presentations, video games and character animation.

Her voice is described as:  playful, contemporary, compelling, commanding, inviting, sultry and smooth.  A hip edge with sophistication, bold, warm, interesting and engaging are also commonly used adjectives to describe her voice.

Her home studio is equipped with ipDTL, ISDN and phone patch capability with lightning fast turnaround times! A voiceover talent with over 20 years of voiceover acting experience, she offers a full range of voiceover services at highly competitive rates & will work with your budget to help you promote your business to new levels of excellence!

To request a personal quote or audition and/or to review more of her credits & demos, feel free to visit her website: www.robertakennedy.com – or mail her at roberta@robertakennedy.com.  You can even give her a call on (408) 313-7202.