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Marketing One Sheet: An Introduction for Creative Directors

Now, as a creative director, your primary task is to focus on creative work. But, if you want to make a living off it, you need to sell your services and that means, you need to function like a business. So, for a business to succeed, there are a few key elements that you need to focus on.

One such element is marketing. Now, marketing is carried out using a lot of tools and the marketing one sheet is one of the most basic ones. You’re probably wondering what a marketing one sheet is.

Well, it’s simply a document that contains information about your company and the services/products you offer. It’s something that businesses hand out when trying to get the word out about their brand. So, the big question here is, do you, as a creative director, need one?

As we already mentioned, you are a business at the end of the day and a marketing one sheet is just as useful for you as it is for any other business. You can distribute it at voiceover events, conferences, and even through email/social media.

But, what do you a put on a marketing one sheet?

Well, that’s exactly what we’re here for.

Make Sure Your Goals are Clear

The first thing you need for your marketing one sheet is a clear goal. You have to know what the ultimate purpose of the sheet is. Is it needed to boost sales? Are you trying to introduce yourself?

Ask a few questions before you set out to create a sheet. The content can be chosen based on the answers you arrive at.

Include a Catchy Headline

The headline is the first thing that we notice as humans. You find that hard to believe? Well, what’s the first thing you look at in a newspaper? Exactly!

There’s a reason why newspapers do that and that principle applies to the marketing one sheet as well. Your headline needs to be bold and creative. Come up with something that appeals to the emotions of the reader and more importantly, one that clearly establishes your services as a solution.


Now, you may not be skilled in the area of design. So, hire someone who is. The marketing one sheet is literally a single piece of paper and that means, you need to optimize your use of space. Don’t add too much content; only what is necessary.

Draw attention to your key selling points and make everything easy to read. Like we said, some design consultancy may be needed here.

Call for Action

Finally, add a CTA (Call to Action) that’s effective. It must be creative and above all, persuasive. Also, make sure the contact details are accurate. Don’t leave the prospective client guessing.


Roberta is a Professional AND award Winning International Voiceover Actor, as well as an accomplished on-camera actress and spokesperson. She lives in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area and is the owner of Roberta Kennedy Voice Talent and RK Productions, Inc.

She voices for companies around the world using her state of the art, broadcast quality studio. She’s hired for commercials, web demos and explainer videos, product infomercials, documentaries, promo/imaging, political ads, e-learning videos, podcasts, guided real estate tours, telephony/IVR projects, high profile corporate presentations, video games and character animation.

Her voice is described as:  playful, contemporary, compelling, commanding, inviting, sultry and smooth.  A hip edge with sophistication, bold, warm, interesting and engaging are also commonly used adjectives to describe her voice.

Her home studio is equipped with ipDTL, ISDN and phone patch capability with lightning fast turnaround times! A voiceover talent with over 20 years of voiceover acting experience, she offers a full range of voiceover services at highly competitive rates & will work with your budget to help you promote your business to new levels of excellence!

To request a personal quote or audition and/or to review more of her credits & demos, feel free to visit her website: www.robertakennedy.com – or mail her at roberta@robertakennedy.com.  You can even give her a call on (408) 313-7202.