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Here’s A Peek Into How Big The Global Voiceover Market Is

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The voiceover industry is made up of several thousand people and yet, we really don’t have a proper set of statistics on how big this industry is on a global scale. Most of the reports that are available to us right now fail to factor in the various segments that make up the market. For example, either you have the numbers for the media and entertainment segment or the advertising segment of the market.

It’s never a complete picture.

The point being made here is that the voiceover industry is in dire need of a comprehensive report that offers stakeholders a general peek into what the industry is like as a whole and also to understand where it’s heading.

Fortunately, Vocies.com decided that they would take up the responsibility for such a report and that’s exactly what they’ve done. The voiceover talent portal commissioned a study called the “Report on the Global Voice Over Market”, which finally offers us a perspective on the industry from a global angle.


The entire report is quite vast and there’s a lot that’s been covered. However, we are going to just list out a few of the most interesting revelations.

Here goes!

•    North America has the busiest voiceover market in terms of sheer growth and activity.

•    Radio only makes up about 0.7% of the voiceover job market.

•    Around 58% of voiceover work across the globe comes from the entertainment industry.

•    The animation sector accounts for slightly over 50% of the voiceover work done around the globe.

•    As for the value of the voiceover market on a global scale, it’s around $4.4 billion. Yup, it’s a big industry.

Benefits Of The Study

According to Voices.com CEO, David Ciccarelli, the key benefit of the study is that we finally have a global perspective on the voiceover market. This was much needed considering how widespread and split-up it is. The data acquired through the study allows us (those in the voiceover industry) to get a glimpse of the scope and magnitude of the market while also showing us how its evolving.

Plus, the study satisfies the curiosity of the industry, which has been in desperate need of data relating to its functioning. Hopefully, the study will establish the foundation for more such research in the future.

You can access the entire report here at https://www.voices.com/resources/articles/market-research/report-on-global-voice-over-market


Roberta is a Professional AND award Winning International Voiceover Actor, as well as an accomplished on-camera actress and spokesperson. She lives in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area and is the owner of Roberta Kennedy Voice Talent and RK Productions, Inc.

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Her voice is described as:  playful, contemporary, compelling, commanding, inviting, sultry and smooth.  A hip edge with sophistication, bold, warm, interesting and engaging are also commonly used adjectives to describe her voice.

Her home studio is equipped with ipDTL, ISDN and phone patch capability with lightning fast turnaround times! A voiceover talent with over 20 years of voiceover acting experience, she offers a full range of voiceover services at highly competitive rates & will work with your budget to help you promote your business to new levels of excellence!

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