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Booking work is important. You need to make sure you have the a robust show reel when applying to jobs to get more voiceover work.

The voice over artist you select for your next corporate video will be your brand’s voice. If you select the right voice over artist, you will be able to establish an emotional connection between your customers and your brand. However, if you choose the wrong voice, your customers will have negative emotions towards your brand Read more

A voice over session can be quite overwhelming for a creative director, especially if the actor’s performance is poles apart from what he had pictured in his mind. However, by following our tips on directing your voice over artists, you can effectively guide the actors to follow your instructions and deliver the performance exactly the Read more

Here is a list of a few extraordinary behind the scene secrets of the voice over industry that might prove to be an interesting read.

Most people outside of the voice over industry tend to regard the job as one of the most cushy and rewarding careers possible. That being said, the truth is often misconstrued and quite the contrary. While it is no doubt a highly entertaining career option that typically comes with its massive set of perks and Read more

Creating something is hard work, but, directing what someone else creates is much harder. Creative directors should use these tips to be more effective.

Creating something is hard work, but, directing what someone else creates is much harder. Below are some tips to help creative directors be more effective at their job. It doesn’t matter how much the industry changes; if you want to be a successful creative director, there are a few basic habits that you need to Read more

These podcasts have not been listed here because they focus on the topic of creative inspiration. Rather, they are the sources of creative inspiration.

Being a creative professional is fun. You get to sell products/services by weaving stories that are enjoyable and more importantly, convincing. However, in every creative professional’s life, there comes a time when all those hectic schedules and deadlines can drain you off your creative abilities. That’s when it becomes necessary to seek out some creative Read more

If you want a voice that can capture the audience’s ears and heart, you don’t always need a celebrity. Celebrity voices can help but they also can hurt.

When it comes to voiceovers, some voices just stand out and it so happens that, quite often, these voices belong to celebrities. Who can forget that characteristic god-like narration from James Earl Jones or that charming southern twang that can only come from Mathew McConaughey? There’s no denying that celebrity voices have that brand attached to them Read more

A dealer and an ad agency tell how they they choose the right voice for their car commercials. What will help brand identity give the greatest impact.

If there’s one type of commercial that really stands out in the voiceover department, it’s the car commercial. There’s something about car commercial voiceovers that really help them stand out. Have you ever wondered what the magic behind this occurrence is? Well, there really is no magic as such. It’s just that the people advertising cars Read more

Have you noticed that some advertisements just seem to click with people? There are lots of reasons to identify why this is.

As a creative director or producer, have you noticed that some advertisements just seem to click with people? For instance, just a few months ago, we saw a Valentine’s Day ad campaign run by Filipino fast food brand, Jollibee, go viral. Three of their advertisements became a hit across the globe, garnering over 20 million views Read more

Direction tips for helping your voice talent give their best performance when you are creating a GoAnimate video.

It doesn’t matter how talented a voiceover artist is; direction is something that all voiceover artists need. In the case of GoAnimate videos, direction requires a tiny bit more importance and as a creative director, you need to make sure you’re doing the right thing. Here are a few tips to help you out. Get Read more

Communicating the same thing in two different languages may not have the same impact. So, businesses need to determine which language is best.

Not too long ago, a report was published showing that there were more Spanish speakers in the US than in Spain. Now it seems that number is growing considerably. Projections indicate that this growth isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. As a result, what we have in America is a growing bilingual audience that Read more