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The New Opportunities Dominating The Voiceover Industry

Voiceover isn’t just limited to entertainment or advertising. The field of marketing has transitioned and that has brought on plenty of competition.

A lot of us might not realize this, but, the voiceover industry is a billion-dollar industry. Estimates suggest that the industry brings in about $4 billion every year. The reason for its “vastness” is that voiceover isn’t just limited to entertainment or advertising.

Ever since technology achieved “juggernaut” status in terms of its evolution, it has greatly contributed to the voiceover industry, paving the way for several new avenues. For instance, the field of marketing has transitioned into the digital arena and that has brought on plenty of competition. This small change has opened up several opportunities for the voiceover industry as brands do everything possible to stay on top.

As a creative director or producer, here are some of the key opportunities that you might want to get involved in.

ADR Or Automated Dialogue Replacement

ADR refers to the replacement of dialogue in a recording during the post-production phase. This is done because when a film or video is shot, the audio recording done on the set is often sub-par due to ambient noises, poor talent, or set related issues.

Now, ADR is common in the world of cinema and TV. However, it is now being done for animation, advertisements, and audiobooks due to the practice of localization.

The Evolving World Of Advertisements

Advertisements have also greatly evolved owing to the change in cultural norms and people’s lifestyles. There are some key elements that clients look for when opting for a voice talent. This is something that creative directors/producers have to make a note of since they’re the ones who are going to be hiring the voice talent.

To begin with, clients today prefer voices that are natural or real-sounding. This is because of the market-wide shift to personalized advertising and sales. Brands need to be perceived as approachable, trustworthy and friendly in order to make an impact.

Instructional Voiceovers

As virtual assistants grow to acquire more significance in our lives, there is a need for voiceover artists who can provide the voice for these virtual assistants. Since virtual assistants are primarily created to offer instructions and assistance, creative directors/producers need to look for voice artists who boast this quality.

Radio Dramas

Radio isn’t down and out. It’s still a thriving force in the media world and a trend that’s dominating the scene right is that of Radio Dramas. Radio dramas are basically dramatized versions of novels and other screenplays that voice talents with theatrical qualities.

This is another arena that creative directors can get involved in.



Roberta is a Professional AND award Winning International Voiceover Actor, as well as an accomplished on-camera actress and spokesperson. She lives in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area and is the owner of Roberta Kennedy Voice Talent and RK Productions, Inc.

She voices for companies around the world using her state of the art, broadcast quality studio. She’s hired for commercials, web demos and explainer videos, product infomercials, documentaries, promo/imaging, political ads, e-learning videos, podcasts, guided real estate tours, telephony/IVR projects, high profile corporate presentations, video games and character animation.

Her voice is described as:  playful, contemporary, compelling, commanding, inviting, sultry and smooth.  A hip edge with sophistication, bold, warm, interesting and engaging are also commonly used adjectives to describe her voice.

Her home studio is equipped with ipDTL, ISDN and phone patch capability with lightning fast turnaround times! A voiceover talent with over 20 years of voiceover acting experience, she offers a full range of voiceover services at highly competitive rates & will work with your budget to help you promote your business to new levels of excellence!

To request a personal quote or audition and/or to review more of her credits & demos, feel free to visit her website: www.robertakennedy.com– or mail her at roberta@robertakennedy.com.  You can even give her a call on (408) 313-7202.